Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you are no longer able to make your booking, please contact us at  as soon as you can. If possible, we will work with you to arrange another time, or arrange a gift certificate for the value of your booking, which may be subject to terms of use. All cancellations within 48hrs may be subject to a $30 cancellation fee, which will be subtracted from the value of your issued gift certificate.

If any of your team are no longer able to make your booking because of COVID-19, we may be able to issue a refund for that individual or individuals provided with evidence. Otherwise, the $30 cancellation fee may apply.

All cancellations due business closure related to industry health advice and guidance from the Victorian Government will be provided with a gift certificate or refunded, at your choice.

TRAPT will only provide refunds to the account that was used to pay for the experience, either Paypal, the credit card used or the bank account from which a direct transfer was received.

For cancellation policies regarding full venue hire, please refer to the terms and conditions for TRAPT Functions available in our function pack online.